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Our homes achieve a 5 star energy rating with the following: We put all of the features and details of the era right around the entire house The quality of the construction,the finishes and the appearance of our homes is of paramount importance to us Traditional,Late Victorian  Architraves and Skirting boards
Victorian Eaves and Gable brackets really add to the charm of the Era and the hand turned finials complete the authentic facade Solid Cedar cricket bat front door with sidelites and hilites The control of airflow into and through the house is important,particularly in summer Flaxley Rd
Stunning Hallways and Victorian Archways Verandah's can be paved in the standard way with no raised build up. Classic,Traditional 1890's entrances Flaxley Rd
Traditional steep pitched corrugated iron roofs Old fashioned barge rolls, Ogee gutters, early Australian look Wide verandah to provide shelter from the long hot summer days.The verandah was an integral part of every Australian House. The verandah was an integral part of every Australian House




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