Quality and maintenance

Energy Efficient
Termite Resistant

Weatherboard Homes are extremely durable.
To some,the thought of a weatherboard home brings images of cracked timber boards that need painting every second year and weekends full of maintenance. However,this is no longer the case!

The boards that we use are 16mm thick fibre cement,that are almost identical in shape to the old timber weatherboards of the Victorian era with similar height and thickness. These weatherboards are made from a lightweight but heavy duty advanced cement composite that is termite,rot and fire resistant plus they resist shrinking,swelling and cracking and are crafted to hold paint longer. They will require no more painting than a rendered brick or blue board home.

Weatherboard Homes are energy efficient
Our homes easily achieve a 5 star energy rating and are in fact, more energy efficient than a lot of brick veneer homes. This is by combining careful orientation of the home with living areas facing North if possible, having verandah’s, particularly on western facing walls, pouring concrete slab floors and using sisalation (reflective foil) and heavy duty insulation in both the walls and ceilings.

If further energy efficiency is required,an option is to double glaze the windows and doors and build 120mm thick external walls with higher rated insulation.

Weatherboard Homes are termite resistant
We believe that our termite barrier system is the best available! We use a chemical underfloor spray combined with Kordon service penetration Kollars and a Kordon under wall frame perimeter barrier.

Although unnecessary, for total peace of mind, termite resistant wall and roof framing timber can also be used as an extra barrier.

Quality is paramount
Our homes are hand crafted the old fashioned way by tradespeople that take pride in their work. The quality of the construction,the finishes and the appearance of our homes is extremely important to us. Only the best available products and materials are used along with the finest tradespeople available.

We have a real focus on attention to detail. Countless hours have been spent in the Victorian goldfield towns of Ballarat and Bendigo-measuring,making templates,taking hundreds of photo’s and generally getting the details right from looking at the many thousands of magnificent weatherboard homes that are still standing in these towns,most in excellent condition-120 years later. Because of this research, our homes have all of the authentic features of the Victorian Era such as beautiful timber doors and windows, eave and gable brackets, tall finials, steep pitched rooflines, high ceilings, decorative plaster archways and cornices, high skirting boards and wide architraves

If you look closely you will see that these traditional features are around the entire house and not simply on the facade. Obviously this comes at a cost, but it is impossible to truly replicate the beautiful homes of yesteryear by just focusing on the front of the home.

A common saying back in the last century was “If worth doing,do it well”.
Our aim is to use this motto and apply it to every home that we build.

Every Home is an individual
No two of our homes are ever the same and we encourage clients to customize floor plans to suit their own needs.

While our homes have very authentic exteriors,the interiors usually tend to have a more modern layout but still with traditional features such as entrance hallways,archways,timber fretwork and four panel internal doors. Fittings and fixtures such as cabinets and bathrooms can be in a very traditional style or they may be simple and modern depending on individual tastes.

Whatever your final design may be, it is sure to be a home that will be talked about for many years to come!

They have features,details and a certain grandeur that is rarely seen in new homes today.


have a classic style that will never go out of fashion.


ur homes achieve a 5 star energy rating


he control of airflow into and through the house is important,particularly in summer.